What Is This Blog About?


What Is This Blog About?

June 26, 2012 at 12:51 PM

For most of my life, my family and friends have looked to me for answers to their computer and technology problems.  I have never really considered myself much of a computer or technology expert, but because I have always been willing to answer the questions and find solutions I keep getting asked.

It through all of those questions and answers and my own curiosity and need for answers myself that I have gained the knowledge that many seek when they are having problems for anything from connecting their computer to the internet to hooking up a new printer to nearly anything related to the internet and more.

I have always been fascinated with computers and what they can do, but I have never made working on computers my living - only working with them.  Even when I was younger I always thought that even if I had all of the computer knowledge there was to have, how would I apply it to something practical?  How would I use it?  Because I never really had a good answer to those questions, I chose to use computers to make the other things I did more efficient and streamlined and the knowledge I have gained doing that is what I am going to share here.

I have learned how to program in Visual Basic, Visual Basic for Applications (the MS Office macro language), a little bit of PHP, CSS, and HTML.  I have programmed spreadsheets that do incredible things to make my work as a Structural Engineer easier and more streamlined.  I have built websites that range from very simple to complex eCommerce sites and everything in between and I have learned a lot about a lot of things along the way that I never imagined I would learn when I first started playing around with all of this.

This blog will be a place for me to document what I have learned and how I have used the knowledge and hopefully you can take what I have learned and improve on that to make something even better.

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